INFO=NYC Council Fire Committee-3/08/2012 UFOA Union

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Uniformed  Fire Onicers Association (UFOA) Testimony  on FDNY 2013 FY Preliminary  Budget Before the City Council
March  8, 2012

rvly name ts Lieutennnt Ed\\·nrd Boles, Trensurer of the Umformed Fire Officers ,\ssoci
(  UFOA). te llfylllg on behalf or our UFOA President, Captam ,\k.xander H<1gan and the 2.500 actiw Fire Ollicers  who proudly serve this City m the FDNY

1\·ly objectm.! tod 1s to re\·cal a clearer picwrc or the tme impactllf  dosing fire companies m New York City. Next. I \\'ill ren nl the reniity or need for protection using the full range uf incidents thnt the FDNY responds tlL   Finally,  will put the staffing nnd resource le\·cl of the FDNY in context of the rest of the United Swtes for the reco..ml.

Company  Closings Impact

Commiss1oner Casscmo  cl<1ims the list or companJes ttl close IS going tn be almost idcntlcal to the compamcs slated to close in 20 I  l     Cummissiona Cassano also chums that these compames were carefully selected for ha\·mg the lenst amount or··llperation;Jl impact'· on the City

In this testimony,! am guing tu systematically  exphin  how the curn:nt list (\f20 compunics selected for closure shows opemtional nnd pub he pLllicy ne ligcnce_ Com. Ca sano acknmvkJges llwt ··op.::rations will be se\erdy l!llJl   Ll!rougho..,ut the cit} with any cuts. and
\\"C  wou!J be hnrd pressed to provide the sen·ice th<,l  we do tody...  Hm\·evcr, the FDNY JUstiftcn\Hl!l for choosing any com1Xli1IC.'i. especially the () fmmla:-:t year Js wotcd in the preservation ofminimnl  rcspunse times wh1ch is NOT the prescJYatiL'l1 ofminnnal impact to tht: peupk  of New York.

I-Iere is the difference:

CPmmisswner  Cass:mo located 17 of the 20 cuts ] Jf  :::011 in the arc;\s of the City \rith hl\rcr  th:m average response times using estimates  Ji·om 20! 0 dal8 on structural tires. Therefore, he clauns a mmimnl impact \-Viii  be felt on those comnmnit1es thnt are affected BECAUSE  the response time will b increase.

However, these exact same areas- 17 of them. literally have the HIGHEST FIRE DENSITY m the City.

Here hes the "'opemtional negligence" that is being displayed by the FDNY's administration:

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