Video=5/10/08 Brooklyn News12 PRESS COVERAGE


Image=4/22/06 5alarm 1245 East Pkwy MAN+Lifetime in Bags


Video=101112 5alarm Associated Market 617 5Avenue/17th St.



Image=12/7/05 FATAL FIRE/1 1084 Pacific St. Brooklyn


Image=2/24/06 FATAL ARSON/4 1033 Pacific St., Brooklyn

2013-JUSTICE 1033 Pacific Street - MURDER Mom/2children and Woman

2013-Samuel Martinez indicted for murder in 2006 arson fire that killed 4 people - NYDailyNews
2008-Mortgage Fraud Is Found During Fire Investigation - NYTimes/Fahim
2006-Indictment in Pacific Street fires - Brooklynian/DePaolo

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