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FDNY Fire Companies and FireHouses
FDNY Closings and Incidents
New York Magazine - Mark Jacobson - Sep 17, 2006 - Brooklyn Is Burning
   In the midst of the building boom, a fire epidemic of a kind not seen since 1977 is raging.
   Do development and arson go hand in hand?
Joe Flood "The Fires: How a Computer Formula, Big Ideas, and the Best of Intentions Burned Down NYC-and Determined the Future of Cities" - interview "The Atlantic Monthly"
2002-11/04 'Cancer House' - Brooklyn FireFighters Fault Station's Poor Air Quality
2003-03/10 Cause for Alarm: FDNY Closes 'Cancer House' after Air-Hazard Tests
►TOXIC-HAZMAT 24/7  vs ►Healthy Building Network and ►What YOU Can Do
A Plague on Your Houses-How NY Was Burned Down, National Public Health Crumbled D.Wallace
Studies-Collapse of Fire Service NYC 1972-1976 Impact of Pseudoscience in Public Policy R.Wallace
Birth of the Bravest A History of the New York Fire Department From 1609 To 1887 (Augustine) A.E.Costello

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